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Tool to control time spent on Internet, e-mail, downloads, messengers or games
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9 January 2012

Editor's review

If you wish to exercise control over the usage of Internet at your home or work place, then you must be searching for something that would help you achieve this. Ez Internet Timer 4.1 software offers you just what you are looking for. It allows you to limit the Internet usage time as per your personal requirements.

The software can be downloaded from the site easily and installed smoothly in your system. While installing the software you will get the default password for the program. When you launch the program you need to enter the password and the first screen appears in front of the user. It has a small screen and contains the option for setting the time for using internet in a week. You can set the usage time easily for each day of the week separately according to your requirement. You can allow internet access all day or even set the starting and ending time for it. You can choose to ignore the set time if you do not want to use internet according to the set timings. Set your custom notification message to let the user know that the internet is going to be disconnected. Select the filter presets and port tables or choose them to be at default settings. You can set t run the program automatically and also disable the task manager. You can change the default password and set your own password so that nobody else can open the program or change the settings. When you’re done with choosing the settings then you just need to click Active Timer and it starts functioning. The software does not contains any help guide but the functioning is quite easier so won’t need one.

The software Ez Internet Timer 4.1 deserves a 4 rating point as it saves you money by helping you reduce your monthly Internet bills. It’s effective in its working and easy to use and necessary for situations if you do not want your kids or your employees to surf Internet uselessly and waste time as well as the money.

Publisher's description

Ez Internet Timer helps you control, schedule and filter Internet activity on your or your children PC. It will automatically block Internet, e-mail, messengers and will keep them blocked for as long as you schedule it. Ez Internet Timer has password protection and allows to create multiple schedules. Great software to protect your kids by limiting Internet and e-mail usage. Ideal software for Internet cafe, libraries or small businesses.
+ Schedule when to stop all on-line activity or use predefined Internet filters:
Block Web Browsing, file downloads using Ftp, access to Email or Messengers
+ Separate schedule for each day of the week
+ Separate schedule for each PC user
+ Precise Internet Shutdown / Internet ON time
+ Program maximum allowed Internet time per day
+ Free household license (up to 3 PCs per house)
+ Protects from changing PC system time
+ Protected from unauthorized stopping
+ Ez Internet Timer is password protected
+ Custom Internet shutdown message
= Vista compatible
Ez Internet Timer
Ez Internet Timer
Version 5.9.4
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I try to tell my 15 year old not to spend all day on his email account but you know how they are. I decided to use ez internet timer and it works perfectly. I scheduled to turn it off when I want it to and now I am relieved.
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